== Morning Classes ==
Minor Disorders of Pregnancy
Last Month of Pregnancy
Induction of Labour
Signs of Labour
When to go to hospital
Self help technique at home

== Tea / Coffee Scones==

Breathing and relaxation
Position in Labour
Coping Strategies
Pain Relief in labour
Giving Birth to your Baby
Third Stage of Labour
Intervention Coesoreon Section / Vaccum Forceps / Cpisiontomy and Why?
When Labour does not go to Plan
Partner role / encouragement
Virtual tour of hospital

== Lunch All Provided ==

Infact Feeding Option
Breast Feeding Technques
Infant Fathers Role
Care of Mum in Hospital
Care of Baby in Hospital
Care of your Baby at home
Recognising a Sick Baby
Support Groups
Post Natal Care
Recognising Post Natal Depression
Breast Bottle Feeding
Bathing Baby
Effective Budgeting
Practical Tips & Support in early days.

Good Bye and Good Luck!!